Jacobs Project Manager (STAFF) - Glasgow, Scotland in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Project Manager (STAFF) - Glasgow, Scotland


A Project Manager has total responsibility for ensuring that the obligations of the contract between the Client and the Company are fulfilled.

The successful candidate will normally work within the matrix organisational structure, managing a multi-discipline force dedicated to successful completion of the project. They will co-ordinate with, and draw upon, the functional resources of the Company in furtherance of the project. They will act as the interface between the Company and Client as well as dealing with other bodies such as suppliers, sub-contractors and government agencies.

The essence of the Project Manager's function is to ensure that the project is planned, designed, procured, constructed and commissioned within the time, cost, quality and performance specifications agreed with the Client.

The duties of a Project Manager are set out below, but also include any other reasonable activity as directed from time to time.

  • Prepare and issue the Project Co-Ordination Procedure at the earliest opportunity.

  • Assemble, organise and manage a project team of sufficient skills and experience to assist him in successfully completing the project, and ensure that his project team are fully conversant with the project objectives.

  • Control and administer the flow of information within the Company and between the Company and the Client, other principal organisations such as licensors, joint venture partners and any local and statutory authorities.

  • Ensure the expenditure of manhours and money is properly monitored, reported upon and controlled.

  • Exercise change control, ensuring Client approval (when applicable) before additional expenditure of time and/or money. Authorise internal changes only when necessary for achievement of contract objectives.

  • Be aware of trends which could influence the programme and/or cost forecasts and exercise skill and judgement in minimising the effects of adverse trends, whilst taking full advantage of favourable ones.

  • Report to Management in written form at least once a month, advising on Company performance in terms of engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, programme, costs and resources, as appropriate for the project undertaken.

  • Attend the Company Management project call-over meeting held monthly to report upon the overall state of the project.

  • In dealing with the Client, having in mind at all times the Company's future business needs.

  • Exercise all reasonable skill and judgement in the application of Company technical, commercial and legal policies.

  • Ensure compliance with the Quality Assurance procedures applicable to the project.

  • Ensure all statutory and Company requirements are met with regard to the application of Safety standards and procedures.

  • Understands and complies with Jacobs’ Safety Policy.

  • Ensures he is knowledgeable of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and the requirements of their implementation.

  • Understands the implications of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and subsequent regulations as they affect the responsibilities of individuals, sub-contractors and Jacobs.

  • Support Sales/Marketing on proposals and presentation of the Company to Clients.

  • Recommend to the Manager of Projects selective training and development of reporting staff to improve their efficiency and capability.

Primary Location United Kingdom-United Kingdom Countrywide-Glasgow

Req ID: ECR0000UO

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