Jacobs Tech II - Sheetmetal Level 4 - Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

*Essential Job Functions:*

  • Determines project requirements, including scope, assembly sequences, and required methods and materials, according to blueprints, drawings, and written or verbal instructions.

  • Fabricates, assembles, installs and repairs sheet metal products and equipment, such as control boxes, drainpipes, ventilators and furnace casings according to job order or blueprints.

  • Sets up and operates fabricating machines, such as shears, brakes, bending rolls and punch and drill presses to cut, bend and straighten sheet metal.

  • Fastens seams and joints together with welds, bolts, cement, rivets, solder, caulks, metal drive clips, and bonds to assemble components into products or to repair sheet metal items.

  • Installs and inspects individual parts, assemblies, and installations for conformance to specifications and codes, using measuring instruments.

  • Lays out, measures, and marks dimensions and reference lines on material.

  • Trim, file, grind, deburr, buff, and smooth surfaces, seams, and joints of assembled parts.

  • Touches up paint on walls or other structural surfaces.

_Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:_

  • Knowledge of fabrication, assembly, handling, installation, dismantling, adjustment, alteration and repair of sheet metal.

  • Knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.

  • Knowledge of materials, methods, and the tools involved in the industrial construction or repair.

  • Provides work leadership to lower level GMT's

  • Advanced knowledge of sheet metal and insulation products

  • Advanced ability to interpret mechanical drawings & P&ID

  • Advanced ability to operate and maintain sheet metal and insulation shop equipment

*Physical Demand/Work Environment:*

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. While performing the essential functions of this job, the employee is required to:

  • Must have ability to stand, walk on level, uneven and slippery surfaces, sit, squat, kneel, reach through low and high ranges and exhibit normal balance and coordination. These basic physical requirements are essential for safe performance of the job in harsh environments with exposure to very cold temperatures and while wearing arctic gear

  • Lift 40 lbs from floor to knuckles x 5 with a 12 second interval,

  • Lift 40 lbs from floor to waist x 5 with a 12 second interval,

  • Lift 40 lbs from floor to from floor to shoulders x 5 with a 12 second interval,

  • Carry 40 lbs for 50 feet x 2 for a total of 100 ft. Self-paced but continuous. (Allow a 60 second rest break after carrying 50 ft.)

  • Stairs: Climb up and down 12 steps x 3 for a total of 36 steps. Self-paced, continuous,

  • Stair Climb and Carry: While carrying 40 lbs with one hand and holding onto a railing with the other hand for safety, walk up and down 8 steps x 2 for a total of 16 steps. Self-pace, but continuous.

  • Slanted ladder: Climb up and down 6 rungs x 2 for a total of 12 rungs. Self-paced.

  • Push Test: Generate horizontally between waist and shoulder level a peak isometric push force of 120 lbs.

  • Repetitive Kneel Test: Perform from standing, kneel on one knee, alternate from left to right knee, x 5 each knee,

  • Repetitive Stoop Test: From standing, bend forward at waist as far as possible without bending the knees reaching hands toward the floor x 5, self-paced, but continuous

  • Repetitive Squat Test: Perform a functional squat and stand x 5,

  • Twist and Flex Test: Perform from standing alternate toe touches x 5 to each side to assess ability to twist and flex the trunk repetitively.

  • Two (2) years advanced layout and fabrication of sheet metal and insulation components

  • Two (2) years of industrial facility experience

  • Equipment certification within 90 days of start date (i.e. man lift, scissor)

  • Valid driver's license and the ability to be covered by CH2M's auto insurer

  • High School diploma or equivalent (GED)

Job: *Craft - Operations

Title: Tech II - Sheetmetal Level 4 - Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Location: US ALASKA-Prudhoe Bay

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