Jacobs Intermediate Cyber Support Operations Integrator and Planner in Tampa, Florida

Intermediate Cyber Support Operations Integrator and Planner


  • Conduct detailed, written analysis and develop/refine recommendations in support of the Joint Cyber Operations Contingency Planning Process concept.

  • Participate in and provide support to JPGs, OPTs, and all other planning meetings by developing agendas, multimedia presentations, facilitating and contributing to discussions, and documenting meetings through submission of written meeting notes and AARs to leadership NLT five business days after completion of subject meeting.

  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with other combatant command JCCs, TSOCs, USCYBERCOM, IA, and non-government organizations involved in cyber planning, synchronization, integration, requirements identification and vetting, and other related mission areas (i.e. MISO, MILDEC Operations, and Cyber Enabled Influence Operations). Draft written summaries of subject relationships and interactions.

  • Integrate various command elements (to include lower echelon units, service components, and cyberspace community entities) into planning to ensure cyber expertise, as necessary and to deconflict and synchronize with other planning efforts (i.e. MISO, MILDEC, and Influence Operations). The Contractor shall participate in Video Teleconferences (VTCs) and long-range, strategic planning efforts within USSOCOM and other DoD, IA, and non-government CO, MISO, MILDEC Operations, and Influence Operations participants. This shall include course of action (COA) development, analysis, documentation, vetting, and presentation.

  • Draft, coordinate, and document CO, MISO, MILDEC, and Cyber Enabled Influence Operations strategies, plans, and planning documents.

  • Provide iterative, written and oral inputs and recommendations for the development and refinement of USSOCOM CO, MISO, MILDEC and other Influence Operations objectives, priorities, strategies, plans, and planning documents.

  • Communicate complex information, concepts and ideas, both orally and in writing, within USSOCOM Cyber, across the command, lower echelon units, other FCCs/GCCs, and the Joint Staff and Office of the Secretary of defense.

  • Utilize knowledge of joint doctrine and joint planning concepts, to include the JOPP. Apply operational art and operational design in the application of JOPP.

  • Utilize knowledge of joint military operations, including command and control (C2) processes and the military decision making process.

  • Develop detailed CO, MISO, and MILDEC plans at all levels of war (i.e. strategic, operational, and tactical) and across all LOOs in support of operational plans and orders.

  • Translate, both orally and in writing, technical content and tactics, TTPs found in proposed COAs, OPLANs, and CONPLANs into high-level briefs, point papers, and talking papers.

  • Draft plans and facilitate the execution of CO, MISO, and MILDEC operations.

  • Draft senior-level background papers and briefings on actions related to CO, MISO, and MILDEC operations; develop metrics, use cases, high-level Concepts of Operation and TTPs.

  • Apply experience and knowledge in USSOCOM CO, MISO, and MILDEC operational planning and execution to develop recommendations concerning issues and problems facing USSOCOM, its subordinate entities, and external CO enterprises.

  • Draft CONOPS, concept plans, operations orders, operations plans, fragmentary orders, execution orders, exercise directives, joint planning products, standard operating procedures , implementation plans, requirements definition and analysis, cyberspace operations TTPs, assessments, and other exercise or planning related products as requested.

  • Monitor and review strategies, doctrine, policies, directives, and instructions from higher echelon headquarters and make recommendations to the Government to ensure compliance and/or consideration in planning efforts.

  • Review and maintain a database of both operations and exercise planning for CO, MISO, and MILDEC TTPs, best practices, and lessons learned. Analyze, and make recommendations concerning operational requirements for intelligence products that support SOF cyberspace operations and inform intelligence-resourcing decisions.

  • For the SOCCENT location additional duties to include:

  • Support SOCCENT in the same manner as USSOCOM support in the previous stated responsibilities.

  • Include Offensive Cyber Operations and Expertise in addition to the previous stated responsibilities

  • Support SOCCENT’s efforts in OCO planning and execution. Conduct research, analysis, and planning to integrate OCO capabilities and effects into plans/operations. Provide OCO support enabling Information Operations while maintaining awareness of current and future cyber capabilities.

  • Collaborate with government and contractor cyber threat analysts to satisfy requests for information from stakeholders throughout the SOF enterprise.

  • Provide OCO support enabling Information Operations while maintaining awareness of current and future cyber capabilities.


  • B.S. or B.A. in Computer Science or a related technical field or 4 years' experience in technical or computer network operations development and planning and 2 years related military or civilian experience.

  • 3 years' experience at a combatant command or a Joint Staff conducting and leading OCO planning and writing OCO plans and orders

  • 2 years’ experience at a combatant command or a Joint Staff providing planning support for joint cyberspace or information operations (MISO, MILDEC, and Influence Operations) for strategic, operational, or tactical level operations and exercises.

  • Graduate of a minimum of one of the following courses: Joint Attack Course, Joint Cyber Analysis Course graduate, Joint Cyberspace Operations Planning Course, Joint Information Operations Planning Course or equivalents

  • Current DOD TS clearance and eligible for SCI access required

Jacobs is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law. Jacobs is a background screening, drug-free workplace.

Primary Location United States-Florida-Tampa

Req ID: I2S0003FT